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Mike Nicholson is one of those remarkable singers who manages to create an immediate and loyal following everywhere he goes. This is due in large part to his unrestrained passion for what he loves doing the most - singing good songs! He draws his audience to him through an unassuming approach which only asks that the listener might share his love of singing and of the songs.

Mike performs a wide spectrum of material, and generally speaking, it's material that has something to say. From his early acting days, he's retained an enthusiasm for utilising any format which can tell a story or which might stimulate the intellect. Through his singing, many audiences would agree, he's found the vehicle that suits him best.

"A voice to be proud of, songs to die for
and a great personality"

Bodmin FC, Cornwall

Traditional, newly composed, ancient or modern -
Mike Nicholson will breath fresh life into it like no-one else can!

Mike Nicholson may well have 'discovered' the folk scene a little later in life than many, but to witness him performing in front of an audience today presents a picture of a man who's a natural born, captivating entertainer.

Photograph by Jasmine: jasminepoole.co.uk

Photograph by Andy Pigg
"His rich, velvety yet strong bass baritone voice
sent shivers down my spine"

Mansfield folk club
He's so completely comfortable with himself and the songs he's singing, that his relaxed de-meanour and rich, bass baritone voice can totally beguile an audience within minutes.

True, people warm to the generosity of his personal style and the remarkable timbre of his voice, but his compulsion to sing is perhaps the most infectious agent in Mike's all-round musical offensive!
Mike Nicholson is a good friend, he has the most beautiful dark brown baritone voice and uses it to great effect in a wide variety of songs, from the most traditional of chorus songs, in which he loves to sweep the audience along with him, to contemporary thought provoking material in which he has the ability to convey the message.
John Conolly

Strong songs of human nature and the human condition are surely one of the best things about the folk scene. You claimed not to be a guitarist, but your songs lived with your easy accompaniment, true voice and tone. It was good to listen to. Steve Nunn, sound desk.
Wadebridge Festival

With his rich bass baritone voice, and lyrical guitar playing, Mike has a compelling stage presence that delights audiences far and wide. A captivating storyteller through a wide range of songs and a born entertainer.
Chippenham Festival

Mike sings songs. Well, he doesn’t sing them he fashions, moulds and polishes them so each proud gem comes alive with its own special sparkle.
Mick Tems Folk Wales

I was blown away by your voice at the Graham Miles Memorial concert last night, it was refreshing to discover a singer I hadn’t come across before that I’d like to hear again
email from a lady in the audience , Cecil Sharp House

Although Mike has been involved with the folk scene since 1989 I first met him last October in Falmouth. His rich, velvety yet strong bass baritone voice sent shivers down my spine and I knew I had to get him to the club.
Mansfield club

"Those who have heard Mike Nicholson sing will not need me to tell them what a delightful experience that is. When Mike sings a song it stays sung - and you won't forget it"
(the late) Bob Copper, Copper Family

"As for Mike Nicholson, what can I say... brilliant!, is what I can say! For me, this man was a revalation - superb voice, wonderful song choices, warm presentation - the epitome of a folk singer and one who thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed hearing copious chorus returns from his listeners. My highlight of the night!"
Eric Payne, Chairman of Somers Folklife

" This lad can hold a song down and has a voice like a warm fire on a winters evening"
Les Bond, BBC Radio Lancashire.

"Mike is praised for having an unpretentious and extremely relaxed voice and builds a lovely relationship with audiences at many festivals and clubs in the country"
Towersey Village Festival, Buckinghamshire

"Mike has a wonderful voice, as many people as possible should hear him"
Broadstairs Folk Week, Kent

"Listening to Mike is a magical experience - he wraps up his audience, lifts them up with him and very gently sets them down again"
Saddleworth Festival, Yorkshire

"It wasn't just his rich, mellow baritone voice that struck home with us but his interpretation and capacity of contrast, his ability, on the one hand, to lead the singing of big chorus songs and, on the other to come back with the most subtle and gentle of ballads. Here's a truly lovely singer."
Wheaton Aston Festival, Staffordshire

"Mike owns a powerful, deep and melodious voice, which he puts to good use singing a great range of traditional and contemporary songs"
Holmfirth Festival, Yorkshire

"Mike has a lovely voice, full of rich colours and easy grace, that enables him to put over the story of the words while bringing out the beauty in the tunes"
Bideford FC, Devon

"His songs are wonderful - his delivery is so laid back he makes Perry Como look like St. Vitus' Dance He's brilliant"
Folk on Tap, Southern Counties

"Mike's voice is deep rich and very melodic, sending shivers down the spine. I've never heard him sing a song which didn't sound tailor-made for him, I like him, you will too."
Deal FC, Kent
  "Mike Nicholson is a very fine singer with a splendid and rich bass-baritone voice and an immaculately chosen repertoire of songs traditional and modern, he always gets this club singing gloriously. It's got to the point where we need an annual fix of Nicholson, Oh and he's also a really nice guy"
Horsham FC , Sussex

"I was privileged to be here tonight"
Unknown audience Wooden Horse FC, Lancashire

Photograph by Mick Doddsworth